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Ashya from Koreatown empowers the new sound of the mainstream music of the Asian American artists

From Koreatown, Ashya just released her third full album “Dreamzzz”, a compilation that defines her music style as a queen mood. With sensual and empowered lyrics, the Korean-American worked alongside Micah Street, who has put her name on the credits of Drake, Snopp Dog and Fetty Wap. She made us feel like a total king of our own hearts in the 16 songs of her album. Also, ‘Pineapple Tequila Dreams’ unleashes the figure of the artist along with the beauty of her voice.

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In an exclusive interview with UnniePop, Ashya described her sound, told us about producers she would like to work with and even mentioned Paloma Mami y Cazzu, latin artists who just like her, grooves between feminist lyrics, Trap, Pop and the beautiful genre of the R&B, which she totally rocks.

Being from the american community, but having a korean childhood through her inmigrants parents, Ashya admires two artists that belongs in part to the States. “Jay Park and Dumbfoundead are both artists I look up to. Dumb has been a huge inspiration to me, giving me good advice and also showing me the responsibilities I carry as an artist coming out of Koreatown”, explained the voice of ‘Made To Love You’.

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The Inspirations and her side of the music

The editorial line of UnniePop asked about the centre of her audience, the listener that could be in South Korea or in America, but as the queen of words she is: “I wouldn’t mind if I end up going from a korean audience to an american one — I would love to have the support from my people”. In fact, around 2 thousands people follow Ashya’s Instagram, and one of those brilliant minds is Dumbfoundead, one of the first korean-american rappers that set the bar for an asian singer having a career in the states.

One of the most crucial questions of an interview is that artist who inspired our interviewed. In this case, those who inspired Ashya’s classic but modern style are Jasmine Sullivan, Ashanti and Keshia Colde. Not only-but also Jhené Aiko, Kehlani and Danileigh have been inspirations that are influencing more of her modern side.

Going directly to South Korea’s R&B with Ashya

As lovers of the genre, Ashya replied to the most classic, but awaited question. If you would have the opportunity to work with any R&B korean artist, Who would it be? Ashya just named one single artist: A woman, Hoody from AOMG.

“When she entered the Korean R&B scene, she wowed me with the way she fit so well as a woman doing R&B in Korea. Her sound appeared to be true to herself.

After working with Micah Street, we wated to know what would happen if Ashya meets CODE KUNST or GroovyRoom, both producers had a great year appearing in Show Me The Money. She would definitely love to work with either one. “I think if we did a collaboration, we’d be really good at the soft and emotional style — or I can do a contrast and do a strong style. It’s hard to tell how a collab will go until it actually happens.”

Micah Street and Ashya

Her third full album “Dreamzzz”

Every single one song of Dreamzzz left us feeeling the queen mood, a situation, place, feeling, vibe, of being empowered about loving ourselves more than we actually are. But even tho is cool to feel like that, we asked the new voice of the R&B about the vulnerable side of her. Of course, she loved the fact that we phrased her album as queen mood.

“My songs very much do expose a “queen mood” — I love how you guys phrased that. I think of all the queen moods ‘Don’t Need’ has to be the most vulnerable song — Talking about your queen mood is one thing but being able to talk about it on a deeper level with vulnerability / transparency is even more queen mood.”

And getting more into our favorites, we loved ‘Flexin’, which you can’t describe more than the own title. Ashya’s favorite song is ‘Saved for Nothing’, Why you must ask? Because: “It’s a pretty random song in the album but it holds a special place in my heart being able to have some sass while being in my feelings”.

The infinity future of her music

The song that really got us was ‘Can’t Get Over You’, the romantic but sexy sound was the key of this track. It took us seconds to describe this single, but did not happen at the moment to define a style of music that is born out of pleasure and inner love. How could you explain the gut of wanting, desiring, crying and loving through a melody?

The rising voice said that she wants to describe her music as “feel music”. She love to incorporate her feelings, no matter how many there may be. After all, is just “Putting all valid feelings into one song”. At any rate, Ashya’s goal is very down to earth.

“I want to continue the path of Asian Americans entering the mainstream music (…) I’m going to push back as far as I can until the wheels fall off“.

Eyes on the Urban Latin Music

Coming home, we mentioned to awesome woman that have been leading the trap and pop music in Latin America. Paloma Mami and Cazzu, both are the perfect couple for a rising artist like Ashya. The three of them share the same music style: empowerment. So, What does she think about the chilean and argentinian singers?

Paloma Mami, chilean singer raised in New York.

I love Paloma Mami, she’s such a beautiful sound and also her voice vibes on beats so well. She’s good at both slow and fast songs, which is straight in my lane. As for Cazzu, she is so dope as well — she’s able to maneuver rap like she really owns it. Not a lot of female artists are able to do that.

Ashya for UnniePop

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